Evidence Based Medicine

Access scientific research and medical evidence quickly, easily and effectively with doctorAsyou.

Designed by medical professionals, for medical professionals, with doctorAsyou you can visualize research in a unique evidence dashboard. You can also export, save and sort results.

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Multi-source database

Use the multi-database search platform to explore COVID-19 journals, articles and medical research.

Analyzes the most authoritative libraries, databases (Pubmed, ClinicalTrials, ICTRP) therapeutic area guidelines and scientific congress updates.

Create a digital research library

Use doctorAsyou to save and organize your research and references.

Use the “My Library” tool on doctorAsyou.com to save and sort your research, and export results in Powerpoint, Word, Excel or Biblio formats

Unique data visualization tool

doctorAsyou is designed so you can explore search results and data in a visual evidence dashboard.

With doctorAsyou search results are displayed through a dynamic and customizable evidence dashboard.

Save time

Designed to empower clinical practice via innovative and intuitive functionalities that facilitate a more effective working stream.

• Fast and complete evidence medicine search. • Interactive visualization data by dashboard. • Scoring system for each category of search results.

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